Used for  manufacturing

Improve manufacturing efficiency with Miura

Empower factory operators with the ability to simulate real-time manufacturing results, enhancing production efficiency.


Minimize production tests, waste and energy use

Bringing real-time simulation
to the factory floor

Miura brings the power to simulate & optimize production processes to any operator at the factory floor. With intuitive user interfaces, any worker can learn to use simulation without previous experience.

An operator working on his tablet at factory floor. The image is displaying some features of Miura's platform such as: visualisation of a simulation model, parameter sliders for real time visualisation; KPI

Empower factory operators
for smart decisions

Explore the possibilities of real-time simulation at your fingertips. Combining an operator’s experience with real-time simulation, increases their capacity to make informed decisions right on the factory floor.

Enhance the manufacturing efficiency

A workforce empowered with simulation & optimization capabilities represents a transformative shift towards a smarter and more agile manufacturing era.

Sharing easily your simulations models with the factory operators

With a simple click, you can bridge the gap between simulation and execution, allowing factory operators to access, understand, and use real-time simulation power directly on the floor.