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Miura is the one-stop platform that simplifies the process of analyzing, visualizing and sharing engineering simulation models.

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Miura enhances
simulation engineers' efficiency

Accelerate your simulation models achieving real-time performance

40,000x faster

Empower your simulation models with a real-time performance capacity, providing instantaneous solutions for enhanced decision-making.

Optimize your models with just one click

Achieve the optimal parameter configuration for each model, tailored to your specific objectives; whether it’s minimizing mass, optimizing energy consumption, or maximizing manufacturing speed.

Save hours of work by analyzing & sharing simulation results faster

Post process automation tool

Incorporate automated tools to filter and prepare specific information from every model.

Share your simulation models with different users

Make your simulation results relevant to a wide array of team members, from fellow engineers to salespeople to operators at the factory floor.

A profil picture of Jordi Gómez, cofounder of Miura Simulation with transparent background
A profil picture of Jordi Gómez, cofounder of Miura Simulation with background

“Miura is helping engineers to analyze different scenarios in real-time, visualizing and sharing simulation results with a simple click.”

Jordi Gómez

Cofounder of Miura Simulation

  • Personalized Workspace

    Build and monitor all your simulation models in a dedicated and secured workspace.

  • Automated data post-processing

    Utilize automated tools to filter and prepare relevant information extracted from your simulation models.

  • Design your own user interfaces

    Create customized user interfaces to make your simulation models relevant to any user.

  • View simulation results on portable devices

    Use your own user interfaces to visualize your simulation models online and whenever you want. All you need is a login to get started.

  • Share your simulation models

    Share your simulation results to a wide range of colleagues, from fellow engineers all the way to sales professionals and more.

An operator working on his tablet at factory floor. The image is displaying some features of Miura's platform such as: visualisation of a simulation model, parameter sliders for real time visualisation; KPI

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    Mockup of Miura Simulation's platform in use on different devices screens such as PC, laptop and tablet.