The team behind

Miura Simulation

Born at École Centrale Nantes, in France, Miura Simulation reunite a highly motivated team with the ambition to push the boundaries of engineering simulation.

Jose Aguado

Cofounder & CEO

Domenico Borzacchiello

Cofounder & CT0/CSO

Jordi Gómez

Cofounder & CMO

Godeffroy Mbilisi

UX/UI Designer

Manisha Chetry

R&D Engineer

Thibaut Defoort

HPC Platform Lead + R&D

Julien Pilla

Lead Tech Soft Engineer

Yves Le Guennec

R&D Application Engineer

Hamza Ghanmi

Core C++ Developer

They trust us

We use the best of our team's skills to help you boost your engineering workflow

Miura Simulation is a startup company specialized in real-time simulation. Our team develops a technology to embed the power of scientific computing on portable devices.

Our mission is to strengthen human ability to predict, anticipate and make better decisions by making high performance simulation accessible everywhere.

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Questions & Answers

Where is Miura Simulation located?
Miura simulation is enterely based in France, in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique.
How many languages are spoken at Miura Simulation?

Five. We have someone to speak french, english, spanish, italian, or greek.

Why is our company named Miura Simulation?

Miura Simulation is named after Kōryō Miura a Japanese astrophysicist, inventor, and origamist known for the Miura fold.