Introducing real-time space simulations

Miura offers 4.0 glass companies the capacity to simulate their manufacturing processes in real-time. 

Simulation twins for
Rocket Manufacturing

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How Miura can helping Space producers

Space behaviour simulation

Understand real space performance for every reference at your factory floor.

Anticipate production results

Use real-time simulation to reduce glass tests, material wastes & manufacturing time.

Define best furnace setup

Optimize furnace setup for every reference, realizing how production parameters affect quality.

Easy-to-use software

Provide engineers & manufacturing operators with an intuitive tool, used directly at the factory floor.

Towards a new era of Space Manufacturing

Head-up displays (HUD) represent the new smart glass revolution.

Windshields producers have to face new challenges, adapting their manufacturing quality standards to the new generation of windshields requirements.

Simulation Twins can be used to simulate & predict production quality, recommending the optimized furnace set-up and providing a high quality information to reduce manufacturing costs and total production time.

Intuitive & portable solution


Smart manufacturing

Enter in a new era of manufacturing with the Simulation Twin technology.