Changing the way aircrafts of tomorrow are made

Real-time Simulations Twins are used by aeronautical companies to predict manufacturing behaviour & quality, reducing production costs and total time.


Simulation twins for fuselage panels & aerostructures

The Miura Simulation technology is used to simulate metal forming processes, helping to manufacture fuselage panels & aerostructures for different aeronautical companies.


The predictive Simulation capacity developed by Miura is directly applied at the factory floor. This technology offers machine operators a more informed & physics-based capacity to take decisions, helping to improve manufacturing efficiency, reducing material costs and production time.

How Miura is helping aerostructures producers

Metal behaviour simulation

Understand real material performance for every reference at your factory floor.

No more production tests

Enable real-time simulation, reducing material wastes and manufacturing time.

Define best machine setup

Optimize machine setup for every reference, realizing how production parameters affect them.

Engineering teamwork

Coordinate the engineering & production teams in just one platform.

The new aeroengine generation

Composite materials are part of an industrial revolution in the aeronautical sector, offering the possibility to manufacture bigger and more efficient aeroengines.


The Simulation Twin technology developed by Miura is used to simulate autoclave cycles for composite manufacturing. Simulating these industrial processes offers our customers the capacity to predict and anticipate production results before starting, being able to adjust initial parameters and determine optimal autoclave setup in advance.


The GE9X engine by C-FAN (GE Aviation & Safran Aircraft Engines of France)

How Miura is helping aeroengines manufacturers

Simulate Composite behavior

Understand composite materials performance at your specific autoclave.

Autoclave configuration

Define the autoclave cycles settings considering every reference to be produced.

Thermocouples positioning

Determine hottest & coldest composite points to place the thermocouples.

Easy-to-use software

Provide manufacturing operators with an intuitive tool, solving complex problems directly on-site.


Easy-to-use dashboards